Using Social Media to Reduce Wedding Stress

getting married

During the engagement there is that far off sound of wedding bells and a longing for the big day. But as it comes time to start planning you might be thinking something else: What was I thinking?!

Planning a wedding is a stressful ordeal for anyone, but especially for the bride and groom who have to take in everything from clothes to seating arrangements, and do it all on a preset budget that might make you break into a cold sweat.

Don’t worry, anyone who has been married has been there. I myself went into a full fledged panic when it came to my wedding day and we barely had a ceremony. What I sincerely wish is that I had had some of the resources available now back then, to make things run a little more smoothly. Namely, I wish I had social networking to fall back on as a means of getting things going without killing myself over the price and details.

That’s right, social media has taken over nearly everything in our lives, and now they have managed to break into the wedding business as well. But this is a good thing for you, the couple currently struggling to create the perfect setting for their nuptials. Here are a few ways that you can take advantage of social networking sites and prepare.

Connect the Wedding Party

How many times have you had to tell the bridesmaids the color scheme, or the groomsmen the kind of tux that has to be rented for the big day? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just have them all in the same place, reading the same message? Facebook, Twitter and other sites are great for this. You can even now sync up your various profiles to send out the same status or note.

Find Registries and Gift Suggestions

Admit it, a big part of the wedding is getting the gifts as much as the well wishes. Which you can send out a note on your registries in the invitation, you can also put a link to it on your profile to allow people to see your online wishlist. Anyone who has gotten a swan-shaped punch bowl from a distant relative knows how important it is to be specific about your wants or needs.

Get Helpful Tips and Advice

Probably the most important thing you can do, getting help from those who have been there should be high on your list of reasons for using social media for your wedding. But don’t forget to keep up on wedding blogs around the net. Not only will you get some great ideas for the wedding itself, but you might be able to win some free stuff, enter contests and find discounts.

Discover Money-Saving Opportunities

Do you know that Twitter is an awesome resource of deals and coupons? You can read about saving money with Twitter here and here. And this post will tell you about finding coupons and shopping deals through social media in general. Social media sites are great for collecting deals and sharing saving tips that really work!

Get In Touch With Vendors

Those who are smart enough to find wedding vendors on sites like Twitter will know that you can get some incredible deals this way. Many places dedicated to celebratory events will give major cost reductions for anyone willing to promote them through their wedding announcements. Some also just post about sales or give online coupons and promotional codes.

Share the Experience

You might just want to show the world what is going on, and give those far from you a glimpse into the magical day ahead. Share the experience and your happiness, after all it is all about the love you have for one another, and celebrating it with those closest.