Top 5 Multi-Cultural Wedding Trends of 2017

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For fusion brides in particular, the added challenge of blending (or selectively highlighting) cultures of both families, resulted in a buffet of multi-cultural wedding ideas born out of necessity, creativity and inspiration. Here are our top 10 trends that we hope to see more of in 2016:

Trend #1 – Multi-Lingual Signage

One of the main areas of difference for multi-cultural weddings, isn’t so much language between the marrying couple, but language differences between family members who are often times of older generations. Fusion couples in 2011 found stylish and charming way to celebrate that difference through multi-lingual signage and invitations for their guest.

Trend #2 – Cultural Location

Many venues that offer distinction in design architecture or cultural significance, also offer their facilities for weddings. For fusion weddings like this Muslim Indian/ Chinese wedding, finding the right location that combines editorial-worthy photographs, as well as cultural symbolism is key.

Trend #3 – Cultural Tablescapes

For many cultures the art of dining together introduces conversation, ideas and creates the foundation for memories…especially at weddings. In 2011, the multi-cultural “reception table scape” easily makes the top 10. This Fusion design at a Ugandan/Canadian wedding for example launched a spring board of imagination for personalizing centerpieces and really thinking outside the box.

Trend #4 – Bridal Party Body Art

What group of women would turn down an opportunity to bond, let loose and just be, well, girly? For some groups that outlet takes place in spas, gyms, restaurants…over a glass of martini. For others, like this bridal party at a Naval/Indian fusion wedding, bonding happened at a Mehndi party. Another fun alternative to inking? Nude Jewelry.

Trend #5 – Destination Weddings

Traveling for weddings can come with pros and cons, but a big advantage has to be the neutrality of the chosen destination and the opportunity to discover a new culture, blending it with your own.

Take this Indian fusion wedding in Mexico. Neither the bride or groom were Mexican, but like many couples in 2011, the colorful backdrop of Latin American culture served as a compliment to their fusion wedding details.