Eco-friendly Beach Wedding Decorations

eco-friendly wedding

For the love of ecology and life, going green is the hottest trend even in weddings. A beach wedding has this natural tone due to the setting and involvement of several natural resources like the sea, the sand, and the wind. Aside from being environmentally responsible, this wedding theme can be done effortlessly.

In decorating a wedding though, you can’t help but have trouble with some environmental policies like gathering too much flowers and using them just for the day then throwing them away.

There are also indirect harms like using a lot of paper that adds to the problem of deforestation. Here are several tips and reminders in going green with your beach wedding decorations:

In making the invitations, thank you notes, and save-the-date cards, you can use recycled paper or other recycled materials. Lots of fancy colored papers are actually recycled. If you want to actually skip using paper, you can just send online invitations and have a few copies of the actual invitation printed for purposes like scrapbooking or for special guests.

Foreco-friendly favors that would fit your beach wedding, there are also a lot of ideas to choose from. Using bonsai plants as favors for island beach weddings is a great idea.

You can also use the plants as centerpieces before giving them away to the guests. Choosing favors that are made from recycled material is also a great option for going green. Giving away of organic soap is not only economical but is also exotic and good for the body.

When it comes to using flowers, they do not actually have to be plastic so that you can avoid cutting and throwing them away. You have the option of using potted plants so you do not have to throw the flowers after using them.

For a tropical theme, you can find friends or connections that grow tropical plants in their garden like orchids attached to drift wood. You can just borrow them for the occasion. The key is to use everything natural and organic. Flowers should be grown naturally and without pesticide. If you are going to use flowers like birds of paradise or hibiscus, they can be used as wedding favors at the same time.

If you want to minimize the use of flowers, you can alter the bouquets of the bridesmaids with a clutch bags or baskets made from straws and decorated with seashells andribbons. You can also use small ocean rocks and seashells to adorn the aisle instead of rose petals.

If you want your buffet table and plates to go green as well, you can look for caterers who offer menus that are completely organic. The package will automatically include an eco-friendly set-up. Often this would cost you more but it will surely improve the taste of the food and guest satisfaction.

Some caterers use native plates that are covered with banana leaves instead of heavy ceramic plates. They also offer fresh coconut or pineapple juice served in their own shells or skin which fits the beach wedding theme perfectly.

Choose neutral and soft colors like white everywhere. Tie ribbons in chairs and use clustered seashell and starfish pins to follow the theme. Use sea weeds and vines to decorate posts instead of cloth and paper. Use big ocean rocks with different shapes, seashells, and sand to decorate the altar and couple’s table so that they would stand out.

Tiki torches may be used to light up the place instead of using electric light bulbs. If the reception is in an open area, huge bonfires are a big hit as it brings the guests in a circle and is somehow romantic for the newlyweds and other couples present.

The last and most important thing if you really want your beach wedding to be eco-friendly, make the cleaning a significant part of the plan. If the wedding is held in a resort and there are people to do the cleaning, make sure that they are aware of the reuse, reduce, and recycle campaign. If it is held in a private or family owned beach, ask the one who will be in-charge of the cleaning to make sure they will follow the three Rs slogan.

The eco-friendly beach wedding usually ends up costing more than the typical wedding so be sure that you are committed in helping the environment and that you are fully responsible for everything. You will not only make your union special, you will also celebrate a green day and help open the eyes of people who will be part of your event.