Can diverse leaders from U.S. and Muslim societies build new partnerships based on mutual understanding and complementary interests?

U.S.-Muslim Engagement Initiative is launching a multi-year effort to overcome vacuums and create strong new partnerships among established and emerging leaders in US and Muslim societies. The Initiative builds on the work of the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project and the Howard Gilman Foundation's Leaders Project.   Find out how >

What's New?

    U.S.-Muslim Engagement Initiative Leadership Team Member Aakif Ahmad and U.S.-Pakistan Leaders Forum participant Cynthia P. Schneider co-authored an article about how little average Americans and Pakistanis know about one another and how much they have in common.  Published on CNN, May 18, 2011, it is entitled, "Pakistanis want a better future, just like us".  Read it here.

    We are pleased to announce the publication of "Beyond Raymond Davis", an Op-Ed co-authored by U.S.-Pakistan Leaders Forum participants Syed Babar Ali and Wendy Chamberlin. Published both in Pakistan (The News and The Daily Jaily) and in the U.S. (The Common Ground News Service), the article describes how, even in the midst of a controversy like that of Raymond Davis, it was possible for 40 Americans and Pakistanis to come together for constructive conversation on issues that matter to both Americans and Pakistanis, such as education, jobs, entrepreneurship, and government accountability.

    To read the updated version, published in the U.S., go here.

    To read the original version, published in Pakistan, go here.

    To read the article in Urdu, go here.

    "Hopefully initiatives like the US-Pakistan Leaders Forum will help build greater understanding and trust at the societal level that will eventually form the foundation for a strong and lasting, mutually-beneficial partnership between Pakistan and the U.S." - Lisa Curtis, Senior Research Fellow for South Asia at the Heritage Foundation in a Reuters article entitled, "Perfect time to ramp up civil society dialogue" from March 2, 2011.  Read the full article here.

    In a guest column for the Des Moines Register, Chuck Montgomery recounts his experience traveling to Pakistan with the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Initiative for the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-Pakistan Leaders Forum.  Mr. Montgomery describes the reasons he feels hopeful for Pakistan (the conviction of its youth) and the U.S.-Pakistan relationship (citizen diplomacy efforts like the U.S.-Pakistan Leaders Forum).  Read the full article here or download a printable version with photos here.

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